Evergroove - close up Photo of a Mixing board
Evergroove - close up Photo of a Mixing board
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On-site and Remote Dolby Atmos Mastering
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Officially Approved Studio
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Master the Third Dimension

Finalize your music with Dolby Atmos mastering technology.

In collaboration with Focal and Dolby, we are proud to bring you one of the most well-realized Atmos-ready mastering studios in the World. Advanced technology and focused artistry combine to give your art the finishing touches it deserves. We invite you to hear the difference – contact us today! 

Dolby Atmos technology speakers

Evolution of Music Mastering with Dolby Atmos

Our officially approved Dolby Atmos studio is ready to bring your sound to the next level with the newest technology available.

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Technology Meets Art

The art of mastering has been iterated and improved throughout the history of recorded media. When new technology is introduced, it is integrated and utilized to push the entire industry forward. Now, a brand new format has come to fruition, and we are thrilled and honored to be able to bring it to your art in our Dolby approved Atmos Mastering studio.
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Native Mastering

With our top of the line technology and decades of audio engineering experience, your masters will translate no matter how your audience listens.

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Make Your Music Sing Wherever Your Audience Listens

Mastered natively in Dolby Atmos and Apple Spatial Audio, your masters will translate no matter how your audience listens. In partnership with Focal and Dolby, our experienced team optimizes your music with the finishing touches to make it sound amazing on the radio, on your listener’s airpods, or in the car.
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Mastering equipment with Dolby Atmos
dolby atmos mastering studio

Stereo to Atmos Conversion

Stem master your tracks into Dolby Atmos natively, even if they were recorded and mixed in stereo.

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Unlock a World of Possibilities

If you have an existing stereo master we can upmix it into Dolby Atmos. Or, bring us your recordings and mix in native Atmos to produce an Atmos master. For the full project experience, record, mix, and master in one of the best rooms around.
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